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Tuffy Dealer of the Year

From The Courier:

Tuffy Auto Service Center in Findlay has been named the top Tuffy dealer out of 235 in the nation.

The key is its caring attitude toward customers, co-owners John and Rhonda Firestone said Thursday. The Firestones were nominated by their district representative, and then chosen by the Tuffy headquarters board of directors in Toledo.

The board considered a variety of factors, including dealership sales, community service and product knowledge. But the key was the Findlay dealer’s customer service, the Firestones said. “It’s customer service and being fair to people, bottom line,” John Firestone said. “It’s being kind to people … It’s being fair and being kind to everybody.”

The Firestones’ store and others were scrutinized by mystery shoppers posing as normal customers to evaluate service. Tuffy offers preventive maintenance services like oil changes. It also sells and repairs tires, repairs engines, and replaces brakes, exhaust systems, shocks and batteries.

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